Vedic Hymns for expectant mother 2 CD

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Pregnancy is an enchanting time for expectant parents. The evolving experience creates a circle of love between the parents and the unborn child. As the mysterious, hidden treasure grows in her womb, a woman achieves a sense of fulfillment. Pregnancy can also be a time of great emotional upheavals. We know that the growing child in the womb is affected by chemicals released in the mother’s brain in response to her emotions. Listening to Vedic mantras will have a profound impact on the mother’s emotions. It will create serenity and peace in her mind. In this state of tranquility and harmony, the mother is more receptive to her unborn child. This helps in establishing channels of communication between the mother and the child. In this heightened state of consciousness, both the mother and child are bathed in an aura of mutual love. Research suggests that structured, specific sounds heard by the fetus in the womb, provide a strong foundation for later learning and behavior. Stimulation of this faculty by Vedic chanting leads to empowerment of the unborn child. The effect will be multidimensional and will have an impact on the child’s subsequent emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. *** A General Guideline to protect and nurture your unborn child: Start each new day of your pregnancy with a warm welcome to your child * Accept and cherish this precious gift within you * Open the channels of communication to your child wide * Shower the child with …
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  1. Ganesh Vandana

  2. Garbham Dehi

  3. Garbha - Sanrakshaka - Tantrokata - Mantra

  4. Santaan Gopal Stotra

  5. Samaveda Mantra

  6. Garbharakshambika Mantra

  7. Atma Sanskara Shatkam mantra  

  8. Ashirvachanam

  9. Gayatri kavach

  10. Gayatri Mantras

  11. Om Yena Patsavita 

  12. Himavat (To Conceive) 

  13. Devendradi (For Good Married Life And Pregnancy)

  14. Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)  

  15. Om Hreem Shreem Aim (For Conception )

  16. Shrimadhavi (Garbharakshambika Stotra) 

  17. Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)