Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple

    Delivery time:Every saturday and sunday ( 20 HOURS COURSE )
आमच्याशी संपर्क साधा
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 Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy (  90 min class ) with doubt clearing session

Getting pregnant: How conception works

Fetal Development / Baby Development /Changes in your body during pregnancy

Understand your baby’s development week by week and  learn about Changes in your body with video presentation with doubt clearing session. (  90 min class )

Miscarriage Prevention

2. Diet , Nutrition during pregnancy.

Dietary advise according to baby’s growth, Trimester wise eating habits, foods to be avoided during pregnancy. Importance of protein, folic acid, Iron, calories during pregnancy an inclusion of food accordingly.

3.Effect of OM & Mantra (Garbh Sanskar)

It is also proved that foetus also responds to the music and Mantra. From the seventh month onwards, fetus can hear the sounds from mothers womb and from the surroundings of mother and also responds to them.
Yoga & Meditation During pregnancy :
Practise of Yoga during pregnancy to help your body to prepare for delivery, Reduce stress, anxiety.

Garbh samwad Bonding with fetus  (Visualisation technique)
This involve meditation and visualisation technique, establishing a communication with the fetus which transmits ‘good values and thoughts’ to the baby in the womb. Thoughts and feelings of the parents affect the baby.

3.Prepared Childbirth: Instruction for Labour and Birth
Topics include the
•Birth process
•Signs and symptoms of labour
•Stages of labour,
•When to go to the hospital and what to bring with you
•Physical and emotional recovery after birth.

4.Breathing Exercise during labour
Topics include breathing techniques and progressive relaxation to reduce stress. Benefit of breathing exercise during labour.

5.Foot massage: 
Techniques to de-stress body with foot massage, pressure points.

6. Breast feeding clasess :
A guidance for proper breast feeding, techniques and tips for understanding babys hunger. Common problems faced during first few days and how to over come it.