The New Living Body Reproduction Designer Babies

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The New Living Body : Reproduction : Designer Babies

How does the human body work? What advances have been made in medicine which enable us to understand the human body better? These programs provide a comprehensive answer to both questions in this ten-part series. Filmed in the United States and Great Britain, these programs were also produced in 1995 and contain valuable information for the study of human anatomy and physiology. Each program contains three major elements:
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  1. Live action video showing the human body in actin, often under experimental conditions, putting the theme of each program into context
  2. Advanced imaging technology is used, including x-rays, radioisotope and ultra sound scans, fiber optics, MRIs, and video of surgery. These techniques provide unparalleled glimpses into the inner working of the body
  3. Three dimensional computer graphics provide easy-to-understand illustration of processes and functions which are difficult to see otherwise
This program examines some of the issues raised by the potential uses and misuses of genetic technology. This program demonstrates the techniques of both ultrasound scanning and amniocentesis as well as explains genetic manipulation techniques and the potential applications of the knowledge gained from the human genome projects. The program provides a complete introduction of the following topics:
  1. Structure and function of DNA
  2. Social, economic and ethical implications of genetic manipulation
  3. Prenatal screening techniques
  4. Genetic abnormalities
  5. Artificial insemination and embryo transplants