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Garbha Raksha Music CD
By Vijayaa Shankar And Padmashree Padmaja Joglekar

Mantras To Protect The Life That Breathes Inside YouIt is known since ancient times that the child in the womb adopts impressions form its surroundings and the behaviour of his mother. The age-old story of Abbimanyu from the Mahabharata is confirmed by modern science. It is possible to pass on energy for the development of the body, mind and soul of the child in the womb by listening to special music. Even the ancient scriptures and ayurveda prescribe music and mantras to be listened to during pregnancy. Garbh Raksha is an album featuring mantras and wellness music for the pregnant woman and the child within.
Tracks Listing
  1. Ganesh Vandana
  2. Shiva Shaktya (Saundarya Lahari)
  3.  Hey Shankara (For Putralabh)
  4.  Devendradi (For Good Married Life And Pregnancy)
  5.  Himavat (To Conceive)
  6.  Shrimadhavi (Garbharakshambika Stotra)
  7.  Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)
  8.  Om Hreem Shreem Aim (For Conception)
  9.   Garbharakshambika Mantra
Produced And Composed By: Vijayaa Shanker