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The birth of a child is an extraordinary experience for both the mother and the baby. From growing within a safe and protected environment, the baby is suddenly exposed into a totally different world. The baby inherits and exhibits survival instinct at birth and needs as much reassurance as the mother. The mother-to-be should be prepared to release the baby from the womb and receive it in the external world.

Many mothers view the process of labor with anxiety and fear. How to ease labor pains? If the mother-to-be equips herself on the process of labor and learns how to manage labor pain through relaxation techniques, the soothing energy gets carried over to the baby, which provides her baby with the physical and mental space required to navigate its way into the world peacefully.

Listening to the mantras establishes a channel of communication between the mother and her baby in helping her motivate the child and easing labor pains. Apart from eliminating fear of labour pains and anxiety, the mantras help the mother to discover and experience the joy of giving birth.

Benefits of the mantras
Helps create a tranquil and harmonious mindset for birthing experience.
Helps release stress and bring peace to the mind and body of both mother and baby.
Amalgamate mother’s mental endurance and physical strength for a smooth and easy delivery.


The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in tracks

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Eliminate all obstacles
Track 3 Prayers for a safe and easy delivery
Track 4 Invoke cosmic support for a safe delivery
Track 5 Garner psychic support to face delivery challenges
Track 6 Strengthen the will to deliver and let go
Track 7 Build physical and mental endurance
Track 8 Meditation