James Nicolas Garbh sanskar 4 CD pack in Hindi

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It is set of four Audio CD's, For Pregnant women who wish to have Intelligent child, First time in India We have separated religion from Garbhsanskar consequently set is getting popularity amongst highly educated pregnant women.Due to secular format all religion have accepted message ,it is dedicated to neurological development & Personality Development.

Womb is the first institute where child gets Intelligence and personality,Prime Minister of the country and labor working on the road share similar physical structure they differ in mental ability, James Nicolas have dedicated life for the Garbhsanskar !! Garbhsanskar means enhancing mental ability and shaping personality of the baby in the Womb,Baby's brain is the extension of mothers brain therefore every thought,emotion ,experience of mother percolates up to baby and same is stored into tiny brain of the baby,this information becomes foundation of the personality ,therefore every baby is Uniquer, Mental ability and Personality is determined in the womb itself ,we cannot enhance mental ability after the arrival in the world otherwise rich people would have turned their average child in to Genius !
First time in India James Nicolas have separated religion from garbhsanskar ,today we are living in the era of competition, child arriving is expected to fight and win ,should posses personality traits like Confidence,Communication skills,Leadership Quality,+ve set up of mind, Decision making Ability, Alertness,ability to adopt changes and other several qualities to be a successful in life, Last 100 years only 7 Indians could win Nobel Prizes where In the USA number have reached upto 318,our performance in Olympic is known to everyone ! It is high time to think more seriously about pregnancy and quality of New generation. When pregnant woman starts listening Garbhsanskar cd's by James Nicolas,she becomes aware of her responsibility, just listening is not enough she has to go for self analysis and transformation then only Baby will be Bright & Intelligent ! More than 40000 mothers have pleasant experience of CD set by James Nicolas !
Hurry ,Pregnancy is the only opportunity gift Intelligence and Personality to Baby in the womb