sampoorna garbh sanskar

Sampoorna Garbh sanskar

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ampoorna Garbh Sanskar (Music, Audio CD) Price: Rs.295

'Sampoorna Garbh Sanskar' is a musical interpretation of essential mantras and stotras that create an environment of spiritual tranquility and learning for the mother and child. Includes BONUS Yoga DVD (Anchoring by Neena Kulkarni)

Specifications of Sampoorna Garbh Sanskar (Music, Audio CD)

Artist Various
Title Sampoorna Garbh Sanskar
Category Music
Format Audio CD
Language Hindi
Year 2009
Label EMI
Track Listing 1. Prarthana (Prayers)
2. Aayushya Mantra - Blessings For A Good And Healthy Offspring
3. Garbhsravini Sookta - Blessings For The Unborn Child
4. Baalmukundashtakam - Blessings From Lord Krishna For His Qualities Of Bal Krishna To Be Embodied In
5. Pradnya Vivardhan Stotra (Prayer For Brain Development Of Child) - This Prayer To Lord Kartikeya Is
6. Vanshvruddhi Vanshkavach Stotra - Prayer For Overall Protection Of Mother And Child
7. Garbhrakshan Prarthana And Garbhrakshan Sookta - These Mantras In Praise Of Prajapati, Vishnu, Sara
8. Garbhsamvaad - Ek Tere Aa Jaane Se - A Conversation Between The Mother And The Unborn Child
9. Meditation : Om Namo Bhagavatevasudevaya - Mantra Japa To Create A Spiritual Ambience Of Calm Aroun
10. Yognidra - Shlokas And Music For Calm And Peaceful Sleep
Number Of Discs 2
Genre Devotional & Spiritual