Blessing for parenthood

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Blessings for Parenthood or Progeny is the general objective of all those who marry. And certainly blessings for a healthy progeny in particular are always asked from the Almighty. According to ancient Hindu Vedas it is actually one of the most primordial and fundamental purpose of a human life to bear an offspring and experience the elation of actually ‘giving life’ to a new human being who would emulate each single nuance of a parent and thus the eternal cycle of life would ceaselessly continue thereafter.

However in these days of impure and polluted times it is all the more important to take care of the progress of the pregnancy thus resulting into a healthy baby stepping in this world. The Mother after all is the sole caretaker of her child and must always be encouraged to listen to extremely soothing words like ancient Mantras & Stotras that work like magic on the tender movements of the baby. Though there are many stotras, which are devoted to this objective however Santaan Gopal Stotra featured in this album is the most elaborate and the most reputed of them all.

       It consists of one hundred and one ancient Vedic verses of mantras completely immersed with devotion and spirituality that purifies the heart and very soul of the pregnant woman and actually reaches the inner elements of the yet-to-arrive baby. There is a helpful introduction of Harish Bhimani too that guides the listeners of this unique album along with exhilarating recitations of the Santaan Gopal Mantra, Dhyanam, Manas Pooja, Viniyoga, Nyas, Mantra Siddhi Stotra along with the Shanti Path commentary finally culminating with an invigorating chants of the most-peaceful Shanti Path in the utmost serene milieu. This album has generated enough rave reviews from Pundits and Vedic scholars alike and is surely a not-to-be missed album for pregnant women and mothers of all ages too!

  • Tracks Listing


      1. Shatayu Mantra (To bless the child with long and healthy life)
      2. Raksha Kavacham (To eradicate diseases in your child)
      3. Panchatatva Prarthana (blseeisngs from 5 elements earth, sky, wind, water & fire)
      4. Nav-Pran Mantra (To bless the new born with a healthy & prosperous life)
      5. Papnashini Mantra
      6. Kalyan Mantra (Mantras for over all growth and well being of the new born child)
      7. Ashirvachan
      8. Santan gopal mantra
      9. santan gopal stotra
      10. Shanti paath