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Since ancient times it has been known that the child in the womb adopts impressions from its surroundings and the behavior of its mother, and also starts learning things. This fact has now been confirmed by modern science. The well known story from Mahabharat of Abhimanyu tells us that he learned the art of entering Chakravyuha (a special war formation) while he was in the womb, when his mother Subhadra was listening to the technique told to her by Lord Shri Krishna. The health of the parents is directly responsible for the health of a child. Not only their physical health, but also their psychological and spiritual health affects the child in the womb. The surrounding environment, the food, the activities, in fact everything the mother is exposed to during the pregnancy directly affects the child. The ancient scriptures and Ayurveda prescribe a particular daily practice for the pregnant woman. Along with the prescription of diet, Yoga, and routine body care, instructions are also given for reading material, subjects of discussion, and music and mantras to be listened to. The sound of the veena (Indian string instrument which is held by the Goddess Saraswati), flute and Samaveda mantras gives health to the pregnant woman and the child within. It is possible to give energy for the development of the body, mind and soul of the child in the womb by listening to special music. These album is based on traditional practices and prepared after much research, with the hope that children born with good health, intelligence and love will ensure a bright future for our planet 



  1. Intro 

  2. Ganesh Vandana

  3. Garbha - Sanrakshaka - Tantrokata - Mantra

  4. Atharvaveda & Yajurveda Mantra

  5. Samaveda Mantra

  6. Veena Instrumental

  7. Atma Sanskara Shatkam

  8. Ashirvachanam

  9. Aadidev Namastubhyam

  10. Gayatri kavach

  11. Gayatri Mantras

  12. Dhyaye Nityam (Dhyaan Shlok)

  13. Garbhsravini Sookta

  14. Baalmukundashtakam

  15. Garbhsamvaad

  16. Garbhrakshan Prarthana And Garbhrakshan Sookta

  17. Shiva Shaktya (Saundarya Lahari)

  18. Hey Shankara (For Putralabh)

  19. Devendradi (For Good Married Life And Pregnancy)

  20. Himavat (To Conceive)

  21. Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)  

  22. Om Hreem Shreem Aim (For Conception )

  23. Shrimadhavi (Garbharakshambika Stotra)

  24. Garbharakshambika Mantra  

  25. Durga Stuti