Sugarchek Test Strip
Sugarchek Test Strip
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Sugarchek Test Strip

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Information about Sugarchek Test Strip

Sugarchek test strip is a very patient friendly device for self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). It comes with a unique range of features.One touch operation - Easy to operate with an ergonomic design.
Large LCD screen - with an ease to view test results even for elderly patient.
450 results storage - The patients can review the test results with date and time.
Reliability - The Sugarchek strips are loaded with Glucose Oxidase technology (GOD), the trusted technology over years with high stability enzyme and least interference from other sugars.
Accuracy - Sugarchek strips have the smallest reaction zone, which significantly reduces the reading errors. Sugarchek gives accurate and precise results in just 7 seconds.
Stability - The Sugarchek strips are most stable packed in vials which protects the enzyme in the strips from extreme temperatures of 2 to 32°C. 
Alternate site testing - Sugarchek test strips allows alternative site testing, with results equivalent to fingertip testing.
Use under medical supervision.