Healthaid Ginkovital 5000mg Capsule
Healthaid Ginkovital 5000mg Capsule
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Healthaid Ginkovital 5000mg Capsule

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Information about Healthaid Ginkovital 5000mg Capsule

Healthaid GinkgoVital Capsules are specially formulated using standardised Ginkgo Biloba Extract concentrate with a high level of Ginkgo flavonoids, the principle components of the herb, which may help maintain blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation is vital to our body’s good health and well being, as it carries oxygen and other life giving nutrients to the brain and body cells.Key Benefits:
Helps boost memory power
Helps in keeping your circulatory system healthy

Direction of use:
Adults and children over 12 years of age, one to two capsules daily. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Use under medical supervision