IMC Aloe Noni Juice
IMC Aloe Noni Juice
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IMC Aloe Noni Juice

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Information about IMC Aloe Noni Juice

IMC Aloe Noni Juice is enriched With aloe vera, amla, grapes and natural herbs.Key benefits of IMC Aloe Noni Juice:
Boosts immunity and energy.
Keeps the heart healthy and sharpens memory.
Relaxes muscles and removes body weakness.
Useful for arthritis and joint pain. Improves nervous system.
Fights against cancerous cells and highly effective for AIDS.
Controls blood sugar and blood cholesterol.
Highly beneficial for the patients who are suffering from digestive disorders, irregular menstruation, weight loss, chronic pain, disinterest, tuberculosis, insomnia, stress, inflammation, asthma, gastric, mouth ulcers, cough, common cold, migraine, eczema and ring worm.
Rejuvenates dead skin cells.
Keeps skin, cells and hair healthy.
Prevents tumor formation.
As an effective anti-oxidant keeps the poisonous elements and pollution away.
Net Qty: 500ml per bottle
Direction for use:
Mix 30 ml of Aloe Noni Juice in 100ml of water and take it in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach of children.

Use under medical supervision.