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Medicinal Siddha Oils for Massage 
The word ‘Santulan’ means ‘Balance’ and each product reflects this philosophy to achieve a balance of Body, Mind and Soul. The speciality of the Siddha oils is that they are easily absorbed deeply in the body; hence, the skin remains healthy and one feels fresh and energetic after the use of these oils.  
Sesame and coconut oils are compatible with all constitutional types and form the basis for all Santulan massage oils. The careful preparation of the basic substances, the order in which the ingredients are added and the duration of the cooking procedure all play an important role and are described in detail in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. At each stage in the manufacturing process, the oil is boiled in four to eight times its volume of decoction until the original amount of oil is restored. This procedure is known as ‘sanskar’ (culturing) of the oil.
IndicationsImproves circulation and prevents stasis. Nourishes and strengthens the muscular sceletal system, soothes the skin and revitalizes the whole body.
Dosage FormOil
Direction for useApply Abhyang Oil on the whole body in the night before sleeping or about 1 hr before taking bath or as directed by the physician
Pack Size100 ml/200 ml
Contains Brahmi, Shatavari, Gulab-pushpa (Rose-petals), Maka (Bhrungraj), Manjishtha, Prasarini (Chandvel), Nirgudi, Amla (Amalaki), Atibala, Hirda (Haritaki), Mendi, Punarnava, Daruhalad, Anant-mool (Sariva/Upalsari), Vala , Halad (Haridra), Kapurkachari (Shati), Jatamansi, Coconut Oil, Milk (Kshir)