Buy Online Balant Kadha No 3

Balant Kadha No 3 Buy Online

  • Start this Kadha from 21st day after delivery.
  • Regular intake of Kadha No. 3 helps to tone up the blood circulation and helps for the formation of new blood cells.
  • It helps to maintain Vitality, Energy & Strength of the body.
  • It is a tonic for both mother & infant.
  • It strengthens the abdominal muscles and ligaments attached to uterus and Pelvis.
  • It helps to normalize the size and shape of uterus.

Composition / Ingredients :

Hindi NameBotanical NamePartMg
ShatavariAsparagus racemosusRoot Coarse Powder0.368 mg
MedaPolygonatum cirrhifolium-TubRoot Coarse Powder0.368 mg
VidariPueraria tuberosa-TubRoot Coarse Powder0.368 mg
RsabhakaMicrostylis wallichii-TubRoot Coarse Powder0.368 mg
VarahiDioscorea bulbiferaRoot Coarse Powder0.736 mg
AshvagandhaWithania somniferaRoot Coarse Powder0.736 mg
KoshthaSaussurea lappaRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
ManjishthaRubia cordifoliastem Coarse Powder2.95 mg
DevdarCedrus deodaraHt.Wd.Coarse Powder2.95 mg
JeshthamadhGlycyrrhiza glabrastem Coarse Powder2.95 mg
BharangmoolClerodendrum serratumRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
KavathgirFeronia limoniaFruit.Pulp.Powder2.95 mg
PunarnavaBoerhaavia diffusaW.P.Coarse Powder2.95 mg
NishottarOperculina turpethumRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
RenukbeezVitex negundoSd. Coarse Powder2.95 mg
RasnaPluchea lanceolataLf.Coarse Powder2.95 mg
SupariAreca catechuSd. Coarse Powder2.95 mg
HaladCurcuma longaRz Coarse Powder2.95 mg
PadmakashthaPrunus cerasoidesHt.Wd.Coarse Powder2.95 mg
KakadshingiPistacia integerrimaGl. Coarse Powder2.95 mg
BhuikohalaPueraria tuberosaTuber Coarse Powder2.95 mg
ShatavariAsparagus racemosusRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
AskandWithania somniferaRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
DukkarkandDioscorea bulbiferaRz Coarse Powder2.95 mg
VavdingEmbelia ribesFrt.Powder2.95 mg
ChavakPiper chabastem Coarse Powder2.95 mg
JatamansiNardostachys jatamansiRz Coarse Powder2.95 mg
UpalsariHemidesmus indicusRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
ShahajeereCarum carviFrt.Powder2.95 mg
PimpaliPiper longumFrt.Powder2.95 mg
KachoraCurcuma zedoariaRz Coarse Powder2.95 mg
BadishepFoeniculum vulgareFrt.Powder2.95 mg
NagarmothaCyperus rotundusRoot Coarse Powder2.95 mg
BehadaTerminalia belericaFrt.Coarse Powder2.95 mg
IndrajavHolarrhena antidysentericaSd. Powder2.95 mg
SalvanDesmodium gangeticumRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
PithvanUraria pictaRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
BelmoolAegle marmelosRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
TetumoolOroxylum indicumRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
PadalmoolStereospermum suaveolensRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
ShivanmoolGmelina arboreaRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
AiranmoolClerodendrum phlomidisRoot Coarse Powder5.6 mg
KateringaniSolanum xanthocarpumW.P.Coarse Powder5.60 mg
MothiringaniSolanum indicumRoot Coarse Powder5.60 mg
Gokharu PanchangTribulus terrestrisW.P.Coarse Powder5.60 mg
WalaVetiveria zizanioidesRoot Coarse Powder6.35 mg
ChandanSantalum albumHt.Wd.Coarse Powder6.35 mg
KankolPiper cubebaFrt.Powder6.35 mg
TamalpatraCinnamomum tamalaLf.Coarse Powder6.35 mg
JaiphalMyristica fragransSd. Powder6.35 mg
LavangSyzygium aromaticumFl.Bud.Powder6.35 mg
ElachiElettaria cardamomumFrt.Powder6.35 mg
DalchiniCinnamomum zeylanicumBk.Powder6.35 mg
NagkesharMesua ferreaStmn.Stmn9.30 mg
KhairsalAcacia catechuHt.Wd.Coarse Powder11.55 mg
AsanasalPterocarpus marsupiumHt.Wd.Coarse Powder11.55 mg
GavhalaCallicarpa macrophyllaFl.Fl11.55 mg
Survari haradaTerminalia chebulaFrt.Coarse Powder11.55 mg
AvalakathiEmblica officinalisDrd.Frt.Coarse Powder21.30mg
DhaitiphoolWoodfordia fruticosaFl.Fl18.60 mg
DhamasaAlhagi pseudalhagiW.P.Coarse Powder27.15 mg
GulvelTinospara cordifoliastem Coarse Powder28.45 mg
Lodhrasymplocos racemosaSt.Bk.Coarse Powder28.45 mg
ChitrakPlumbago zeylanicaRoot Coarse Powder35.55 mg
PokharmoolInula racemosaRoot Coarse Powder35.55 mg
DrakshaVitis viniferaFrt.Frt166.00 mg

Dosage :

  • 20ml twice a day after meals with equal quantity of water. Or as advised by the physician.
  • Self generated alcohol not more than 11% v/v