balant kadha no 2 sandu

Balant Kadha No 2 sandu

Excellent General Tonic for Mothers. 

Well Known for more than 100 Years.

Alternative and Vat Nashaka.

About Sandu BALANT KADHA NO. 2

  • Sandu Balant Kadha No. 2 is given from 11th day to 20th day post delivery.
  • Balant Kadha No 2 improves appetite and digestion of the nursing mother, thereby ensuring strength to her body.
  • It provides nutrition to mother and improves quality and quantity of breast milk.
    • This is to be taken from the eleventh day after delivery.
    • Balant Kadha No 2 is an excellent tonic for post delivery.
    • Balant Kadha No 2 helps to Relieve Complication that occur after delivery like Constipation, Weakness, Body Ache, Back Ache  etc.
    • Balant Kadha No 2 helps to give all types of nutrition to infants through mother’s milk.
    • This Balant Kadha No 2 should be taken regularly for 10 days.
    • Balant Kadha No. 3 is to be taken next.