Balant Kadha No 3 ingredients

Balant Kadha No 3 ingredients

Balant Kadha No. 3 is an Ayurvedic formulation. This herbal supplement is traditionally given to new mothers after delivery to boost strength and improve general health.

  • Balant Kadha No 3  Ideal for: New mothers
  • Balant Kadha No 3 Package content: 200ml in an airtight bottle

Ingredients :

 Balant Kadha No. 3 is enriched with natural goodness. This supplement is made with

  • Gur- Jaggery
  • Sontha- Ginger
  • Javasa- Java apple
  • Neem- Indian lilac
  • Bhringraj- False daisy
  • Erandmu- Castor bean
  • Mulethi- Licorice root
  • Gokhru- Puncturevine
  • Nagarmotha- Nutgrass
  • Devdaru- Himalayan cedar
  • Dhaiphool- Fire flame bush
  • Rasna- Indian camphorweed
  • Pipalamul- Long pepper root
  • Giloy- Heart-leaved moonseed
  • Punarnava- Spreading hogweed
  • Kateri- Yellow berried nightshade
  • Harad- chhoti- Chebulic myrobalan