Balant Kadha No 2 Review

Balant Kadha No 2 Reviews

So when should one take each of these herbal tonics and what are the benefits? While the common benefit of all these three type of Kadha is to help the new mother cope with the fatigue and pain of delivery, each Kadha should be given during a specified time span after delivery. This set of herbal tonic regulates the female hormones and restores the strength and energy after delivery.

Balant Kadha No. 2 is usually given from the 11th day of the delivery. This health tonic may provide strength to the mother and also offer some relief from post-delivery health issues like constipation.

This Kadha is known to add nutrition to mother’s milk and hence is also beneficial to the new born.

Balant Kadha No1. No2. No3. is not known to have any negative effects on the user. However, the new mothers should seek doctor’s advice before starting this medication.