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BaalGuti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe  1 X  50ml   Pack  balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe
 balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe  2 X  50ml  Pack  balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe
 balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe  3 X  50ml  Pack  balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe
 Balguti Green Pharmacy  4 X 50ml  Pack  balguti By Dr.Shree Balaji Tambe
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Shanti Oil By Dr.Balaji tambe santulan ayurved   Medicated oil processed with a specially chosen blend of ayurvedic herbs for the care and massage of joints Lubricates strengthens and increases the flexibility of the joints Helps to reduce swellings and enhances the healing process after bone injuries. Indicated in cases of arthritis and rheumatism stiffness and pain in the joints.

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