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So Sweet Stevia Gift Pack

So Sweet
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Information about So Sweet Stevia Gift Pack

So Sweet Stevia Gift Pack contains one So Sweet Stevia 50 sachets Box, one So Sweet Stevia Tablets, one So Sweet Stevia Liquid, and 1 So Sweet Stevia Spoonable. Stevia is a wonder herb, very sweet in taste and contains zero calories. It can be cooked, boiled or baked unlike other sweeteners available in the market. It can be used to make traditional sweets and halwas, desserts or any sweet food items or beverages including tea and coffee. It is stable up to 95C temperature.  
Key benefits of So Sweet Stevia Gift Pack:
Safe alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. 
No added flavors, chemicals, or additives. 
Zero Calories and no Carbohydrates.
Natural sweetener that lacks any chemical components.
Known to cure varied ailments.
Completely natural herbal sweetener.
Great alternative to sugar and safe for diabetics and the health conscious.
Direction of use:
As per requirement.
Use under medical supervision.