IMC Wheat Gold Tablet
IMC Wheat Gold Tablet
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IMC Wheat Gold Tablet

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Information about IMC Wheat Gold Tablet

Wheat Gold Tablet Enriched with Wheatgrass, Giloye, Tulsi, Aloe vera Amla Nectar for healthy and Boon for unhealthy It is useful for more than 220 diseases like Purifies blood, increases blood platelets haemo-globin.Good against all kinds of blood diseases such as anemia and thalassemia improves blood sugar disorders.Improves digestive system (Acidity, Constipation etc).
Benefits of Wheat Gold Tablet:
Acts as a very effective energizer.Increases body resistance and builds Immune system.Improves the body ability to heal wounds.
An extremely important body cleanser & natural anti-oxidant & helps in preventing and combating cancerous diseases.
Wheatgrass helps to cure many diseases.Loss of hair, weak eyesight, pimples, leucoderma, piles,tuberculosis, asthma, gynaecological problems, gum problems, jaundice, fever, cough, sexual incapability,insomnia,general weakness, peptic ulcer, heart diseases etc.
Directions of use:
As directed by the Physician.
Use under medical supervision.