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Fatsolv Capsule

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Information about Fatsolv Capsule

Fatsolv Capsule is a combination of the ingredients selected from that formula, which is time tested and proved of their benefits as “MEDHAR” by Ayurved Shashtra. The most important of such ingredients is GUGGUL. The “Med Har” Guggal is further strengthened by the combination of certain other such ingredients and their synergistic effect is more pronounced in FATSOLV.

Benefits of Fatsolv Capsule:
Fatsolv Capsule is an ideal preparation for Hyper Cholesterolemia Hyperlipidaemia and diseases associated with these conditions. Busy Business people, Who have mostly sedentary work, upper middle class and rich people whose diets are full of Ghee, Oil, Starch and other fatty substances mostly have the problem of obesity. Also, irregular food habits, stress, and strain invariably leads to obesity. Fatsolv Capsule is purely an herbal preparation and therefore it is extremely safe and can be taken on the regular basis even as prophylaxis, without any side effect.

Directions of use:
2 to 3 Capsules two times a day before meals preferably or as directed by the Physician.

Use under medical supervision.