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VCD Contents Baby Basics Hygine & Sleep Soft Spot Sponge Bath Massage Bed preparation Eyes Crossed Eyes Sponge bath Immune system Cleaning Eyes Eye Colour Immersion bath Tummy time Vision Neck Muscles Clothes Sleep Baby's Skin Jaundice Jewellery Swaddling Hearing Finger Nails Sudden infant Death syndrome ( SIDS) Umbilical Cord Genital Organs Care & Coping Fore Skin Circumcission Head Stepping reflex Diapering Baby Boy Diapering Baby Girl Ear Birth marks Basic Holds Crying Mouth Swollen breasts Colic Car Seat Umbilical Cord Fever Feeding Lungs Basic medicines Football Hold Ment Heart how to give medicine Craddle Hold Sort or Cracked Spine & back Vomitting Lying down Let down relax Neck Stools Latching on Burping Genetalia Cough & Cold Regurgitation Thrush Rectum Immunization & Vaccination and their reactions Engorgement Engorgement treat Hips Nipples Rooming in Hands Feeding frequency Expressed milk Nervous System   Sneezing Yawning Grasping Reflex   Hiccups Pacifiers Startling Reflex