Garbha Kalyana Mantras


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01. Garbhadan:An invocation to lord Vishnu to grant the baby characteristics of lord Vishnu Vishnu swarup.
02. Samraksha: Prayer to different gods to protect the mother and child for each of the nine months
03. Ramraksha:Mantras for kavach (armour) to create a divine armour for every part of the body
04. Durgasaptasashi:Salutation to the Devi who lives in every living being
05. Bhaagwat: Shlokas about the soul and gayatri mantra and Shri Krishna
06. BhagwatGita: About virtue and righteousness in an ideal person
07. Kalyanshloka: Shlokas that are beneficial to the baby and for its protection and to make the baby without flaws.
08. Puranukhta: For purifying the environment around the baby
09. Aashirwachana: Wishing for the well being of al mankind

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