Garbhankur - 4 Cd Pack


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Garbhankur - 4 CD Pack (Music, Audio CD) Price: Rs.495

The music in this album is a cul Mination of well-researched, tried and tested methodologies. The tracks are based on specific Ragas, for the Second month to the ninth month of pregnancy. The instructions given inside should be strictly followed.

Specifications of Garbhankur - 4 CD Pack (Music, Audio CD)

Music Director
Title Garbhankur - 4 CD Pack
Category Music
Format Audio CD
Language Hindi
Year 2009
Label Times Music
Track Listing Disc 1
1. For 2nd & 3rd Months Of Pregnancy
Disc 2
For 4th & 5th Months Of Pregnancy
Disc 3
For 6th & 7th Months Of Pregnancy
Disc 4
1. For 8th & 9th Months Of Pregnancy
Number Of Discs 4