Manashakti Garbh Sanskar music for Unborn garbh sangeet


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This is an unsurpassed music for the baby in the womb. It is an excellent way to infuse good values in, and strengthen the bonding, with the fetus.

This Garbhasangeet has been specially created to develop courage and peace in the baby-in-the-womb, as also, as a service to the society.

The audio CD has following tracks:
Gayatri Mantra ( Rag Yaman and Rag Bhairav)
Rag Yaman, Bageshri, Bilawal, and Todi ( Vocal)
Rag Lalat, Rag Kedar ( Violin)
Parade Song
Garbhopanishad, and a
Western composition.

The would be parents are expected to listen to this music everyday, soon after the conception is confirmed. This would go a long way in reducing their stress, and also impart good values to the baby through the medium of music!